E.D. Elettronica Dedicata  is glad to distribute the piezo products of  Johnson Matthey piezo products GmbH  for the circular knitting textile industry.


Johnson Matthey for more than 40 years has been developing and producing Piezoceramic and other Piezo product in high volumes for a wide range of applications in many different markets, from aerospace to automotive and medical. Their experience and ability to produce high volumes of bending actuators and systems with Piezoceramics, mechanics and electronics, allows us to offer products of the highest quality combined with competitive prices.



Johnson Matthey, with more than 100million products delivered worldwide is a well know brand for its reliability and lifetime.



Products specifications

The module can be provided with both of the driving way exiting on the field, with integrated electronics using a standard BUS compatible with WAC© bus system or with direct drive without electronics for machines with few actuators installed.

To match different machines models there are a high variability of configurations:

  • One row or double row
  • From 6 to 8 or 16 flaps
  • Flaps with many different angle already available
  • Standard flaps or CNC made for special shapes and different hardness
  • Different connectors; D-sub, Flat or with cable pre-installed
  • Different flaps assembling way to match different installations (top, bottom, right, left)

And, as standard, for all the actuators produced by Johnson Matthey:

  • The components are completely replaceable in a short time and without adjustment
  • The piezo are made from powder mix directly controlled by  Johnson Matthey for the best performance and quality
  • The piezo bender and electronics are protected with a special coating
  • 3-wires technology
  • Fast and repeatable flight time of 2,5ms and movement in less than 4,4ms
  • Metal housing milled from solid aluminum


Service for retrofit and spare parts

E.D. Elettronica Dedicata s.r.l, is able to support all the customers to find the best product needed  with technical suggestions and cost analysis.

From the replacement for obsolete actuators to the suggestion to replace a competitor actuator Matrix© or WAC© or Chinese with a JM compatible actuators.

In absence of compatible products it’s also able to provide a customized actuators according to the customer needs.

To complete the service ED can also provide reparations service and reconditioning and, due to a long experience, can support the customer to solve any problems.

spare-partsAs official distributor and thanks to its stock, it’s able in very short time to provide every single parts present on the JM actuators:

– Electronics board and cables
– Ceramic piezo benders
– Flaps
– Front plates
– Pins and screws
– Insulation and rubber
– Aluminum housing



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