With  20 years of experience ED Elettronica Dedicata has developed the 3th generation of RTT rotating temperature transmitter that can contemporary read up to four temperatures sensors contactless for Godet roller and Heating roller.


Thanks to the long experience the product has been designed to maximize the measurement stability and accuracy over a wide operating temperature range.

With the new design it’s possible to obtain in a short time a wide range of customizations for both the sensors and outputs.


The complete mechanical hollow, permits to connect this model of transmitter in two possible orientations even when the space available is very low.
(lower than 60mm)

The system is very robust for incorrect mechanical installations and to unstable and variable power.



  • self calibration: doesn’t need a calibration on the field even for the spare parts
  • several self test is performed to assure the measure accuracy
  • Rotating and fixed parts can be individually swapped or replaced
  • Fast identification of problems through a simple coding on the outputs, without disassembling the parts.
    1. Sensor open/not connected
    2. Sensor short circuit
    3. Sensor reading not valid
    4. No comunication with rotating device
  • MODBUS with RS485, isolated
  • Output completely isolated from power supply
  • Pt100 output, to simulate the sensor output to replace directly mechanical slip ring without change the temperature regulator.



  • Range 0- 250 °C.  (Configurable at order between -200°C to 1500°C)
  • Power:  17-27Vac or 22-35Vdc; current 0,2A
  • Output: Voltage: 10 mV/°C ; Current 4-20mA ; RS485 MODBUS ; Pt100 simulation
  • Accuracy: Standard ±0.15 °C  option up to ±0.05 °C  (For Pt100@25°C)
  • Resolution: 0.025 °C
  • Material: PA66+FG30% ( Option aluminium protection frame)
  • Max. speed: mechanical limited by the motor shaft (10.000rpm)
  • Room temperature: 100°C max for rotating part. 80°C for standing part.
  • Installation: from distance of 1mm to 10mm (standard 4mm)
  • Inputs:Pt100, Pt200, Pt1000, 2 or 3 wire, thermocouples j or k . (Other at request)



E.D. Elettronica Dedicata is able to personalize
the transmitter according to the customer request
from the mechanical (shaft diameter) to the
electronics side to reach the customer target.



ED Elettronica Dedicata is at disposal to propose a wide range of
spare parts model to retrofit machinery that use old models of transmitter:
TRP960, TS100N, TS300, TRP-2K, Dienes©, Rieter©, Fuji©, STPimpianti©, Plantex©.