E.D. Elettronica Dedicata designs electronic and automation systems complete with wiring diagram, layout (hardware) and software and firmware development from proprietary templates or supplied by the customer.

We work side by side with your company from the development of the idea to the prototyping and realization of the finished product, analyzing your needs and implementing electronic systems that perfectly fit your needs. Thanks to our complete in-house production, we also take care of the mechanical design ourselves, guaranteeing more streamlined timescales and full control of operations.

We also develop test or control software via National Instruments’ LabView platform. The supply can be either complete with software and hardware, or partial, through targeted consultancy for the customer’s software development.


Our process

You got an idea? We'll make it happen

You have a need and you don't know how to make it happen? We support you from the development of the project to the realization of the complete electronic system

Do you have a product to improve? Give us the specifications and we will help you


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After-sale support

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