FlexyTEST, the tester for printed circuit board assemblies

Printed circuit boards are crucial components in the functioning of many devices. However, they are also very delicate devices, which can fail or may not perform at their best, due to wear and tear, environmental stress and production defects. It is therefore important to test their quality and effectiveness by using specific tests.

What is a PCB test

A PCB test can be used to guarantee product quality and safety as well as performance to specified standards. By checking specific parameters and functions, a test will check every aspect of a PCB and identify any faults, correcting them before they become a real problem or require servicing or repair.

How to check the electronic components of a PCB


Continuity tests

to check for breaks in the circuit board and electrical resistance between connection points.


Functionality tests

to check that a PCB performs its functions correctly, using software or simulators.


Burn-in tests

to check that the board functions properly for long periods at prolonged set temperatures as well as under thermal stress.


Insulation tests

to check for short circuits between components by applying voltages to connection points.


Shock tests

to check the resistance of the PCB to mechanical stresses such as shocks and vibration.

Flexytest features

FlexyTEST comes with a test bench and a range of functions for developing test programmes, debugging and test execution. The test bench is composed of a main system and a fixture that can be customised according to the type of device and DUTs to be tested.

FlexyTEST’s main features:

  • Development and debugging of test programmes
  • Use of loadboards under the same conditions in the ATE with identical fixtures
  • Self-test and calibration
  • Real-time monitoring of DUT currents and power supplies
  • Identification of critical or failed items, such as components or nets
  • Generation of customised reports and STDFs
  • Compatibility with the most common loadboard formats on the market, e.g: Microtest, Advantest, Teradyne and others still under development

The advantages of FlexyTEST

FlexyTEST is the best solution for performing tests and diagnoses on PCBs and loadboards to detect hardware problems without the use of ATE.

  • It measures the performance of loadboards from different ATE manufacturers
  • It saves time and money on troubleshooting
  • It improves the quality and reliability of the testing process
  • It validates loadboards in acceptance tests
  • It provides preventive maintenance
  • It increases the ROI on your ATEs

How it works

Technical Specifications

  • Passive components: R,L,C
  • Leakage measures: 1 uA
  • Relays: Functionality (OPEN-CLOSE) Switching time (ON-OFF)
  • Diode: Vf
  • Buffer: Functionality, speed
  • OpAmp: Gain & offset
  • Multiplexer: Functionality, speed
  • Voltage and current: Strength & measurement
  • Power supply: ± 3.3V, ± 5V, ± 12V, ± 15V (current monitored)
  • Programmable power supplies: 6
  • Loadboard points: 8,448
  • DUT points: 1,536
  • Loadboard docking compatible with different manufacturers’ formats
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 157x144x105 cm
  • Main power supply: 110 – 230 VAC, max. 1 KW
  • Weight: 380 kg
  • Customisation possibilities: RF, digital protocols, etc.





High level of resource configuration. The machine can be customised to support the standards of all PCBs subject testing.




Standard system configurable via a set of fixtures.




FlexyTEST is easy to use, quick to configure and has a highly intuitive software control interface.




High test coverage rate and intelligent reporting.

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