Electronic systems design: OUR COMPANY


Technical office of electronic engineering in Brescia

Since 1993 E.D. Elettronica Dedicata has been designing and manufacturing embedded electronic systems for various sectors: medical, textile, consumer electronics, food, laboratory, semiconductors, steam generators, high accuracy temperature sensors. From Europe to Asia, we work all over the world with the aim of creating the best product for our customers.

We collaborate with innovative startups, universities and research centres both for didactics and to support the development of projects. We are also members of European consortia, associations and bodies responsible for the dissemination of technological standards (e.g. Bluetooth). This allows us to have full control of the specifications and to know in advance the upcoming changes, in order to offer an accurate service to our customers and to be always in step with the technology.

To date, E.D. Elettronica Dedicata has developed know-how ranging from historical industrial sectors, such as sensors and industrial automation, to more modern ones such as IoT, high power energy conversion systems and line test systems for integrated circuits. With a view to product continuity, speed of execution and long-lasting assistance over the years, we have invested in the purchase of machinery and internalized all phases of design and production, without the need to turn to third parties.



To offer electronic and technological solutions for the most varied industrial sectors, quickly offering a project and a finished product of excellent quality.

We could summarize the concept using one word: SOLUTIONS.

It represents the soul of our work: we respond to your needs by presenting paths and technologies to achieve the desired result. We consider our customers as partners to be guided in a path of innovation with the help of our experience and our great passion.

Nothing is impossible for those who want to win