The RTTS300 is a 3-channel temperature transmitter, compatible with the obsolete TS300 models installed on many machines worldwide. This upgrade over the outdated version not only improves quality and accuracy, but also greatly reduces weight.

 Features RTTS300

  • Self calibration, it doesn’t need a calibration on the field even for the spare parts.
  • Several self tests are performed to assure the measure accuracy.
  • Rotating and stationary parts can be swapped or replaced individually.
  • Fast troubleshooting through a simple coding for each output, without disassembling the parts: 

          Fault detection                                                                                                 Reading

          PT100 short circuit                                                                                        4.600 V

          PT100 open/ broken                                                                                      4.500 V

          No communication between parts                                                                4.800 V

          Measure not reliable                                                                                      4.700 V


  • MODBUS with isolated RS485 (Optional).
  • Fully isolated output from power supply for better noise immunity.
  • Total weight of only: 1.2Kg.
  • All built-in, it doesn’t need external signal condition board.
  • Installation accepts a distance of 10 mm between the rotating and stationary device.

Performance  RTTS300

Standard performance and parameter to maintain compatibility with old model: (Modification upon request)

  • Range: 0 – 400 °C.
  • Power: 17-27Vac or 22-35Vdc; current 0,2A
  • Output: Voltage: 3 channels , 10 mV/°C ; GND common. Isolated from power supply.
  • Accuracy: Standard ±0.15 °C
  • Resolution: 0.025 °C
  • Material: PA66+FG30% and aluminium protection frame.
  • Max. speed: 10.000rpm
  • Room temperature: 100°C max for the rotating part. 80°C for the standing part.
  • Installation: 1mm to 10mm distance (standard 4mm)
  • Inputs: 3 sensor Pt100 α = 0,00385 2 wires with wire


Order code:

22.020 – RTTS300 3CH PT100 10mVx°C


For further information or customization contact E.D. Elettronica Dedicata.

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