E.D. Elettronica Dedicata offers the production service of complete electronic systems from the purchase of components to functional testing.

SMT assembly, PTH assembly, quality control: at the end of the electronic systems design phase we proceed with the final steps of the project, with an excellent quality – price ratio thanks to the use of advanced property machinery, such as screen printing with optical inspection and the Vapor-phase furnace.

The assembly, constantly monitored, is carried out both manually and through automatic inserting machines. All our products are subject to certification and approval.

On request we can also produce and assemble electronic boards for third parties in SMT and PTH technology for small and medium batches.

Our process

Components selection and purchase

Solder paste deposit on printed circuit boards

Automatic positioning of SMT components with pick & place machine

Profiling in the oven

Manual assembly of PTH components

Mechanical finishes and/or wiring

Quality control

Functional testing

After-sale support

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