The RTTTRT is a temperature transmitter with frequency output compatible with Trützschler (SwissTex / Rieter) machine models.

 Features RTTTRT

  • Compatible with Dienes frequency output model.
  • Self calibration: it doesn’t need a calibration on the field even for the spare parts.
  • Several self tests are performed to assure the measure accuracy.
  • Rotating and stationary parts can be swapped or replaced individually.
  • Fast troubleshooting through a simple coding for each output, without disassembling the parts: 

          Fault detection                                                                                                 Reading

          PT100 short circuit                                                                                      1136 Hz

          PT100 open/ broken                                                                                    1186 Hz

          No communication between parts                                                              1032 Hz

          Measure not reliable                                                                                    1084 Hz


  • Frequency output
  • MODBUS with isolated RS485 (Optional)
  • The 4-20 mA output is fully isolated from the power supply to improve noise immunity (Optional)

Performance  RTTTRT

  • Range: 0 – 500 °C.
  • Power: 10.5Vdc to 15Vdc, for Dienes output compatible model.
  • Power: 12Vdc to 36Vdc or 24Vac, for current output model.
  • Output: Voltage: Frequency or 4-20 mA isolated as option.
  • Accuracy: Standard ±0.2 °C
  • Resolution: 0.025 °C
  • Material: PA66+FG30% and aluminium protection frame.
  • Max. speed: 10.000rpm.
  • Room temperature: 100°C max (120°C for short periods).
  • Installation: from distance of 1mm to 4mm (standard 2mm).
  • Inputs: 2 sensor Pt100 α = 0,00385 2 wire.


Order code:

22.052 – RTTTRT 2CH PT100 0-300°C OUT FREQ


For further information or customization contact E.D. Elettronica Dedicata.

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