RTT Rotary temperature transmitter

Thanks to the firm’s long experience, E.D. Elettronica Dedicata has design the 3th generation of Rotating Temperature Transmitter (RTT) to maximize the measurement stability and accuracy over a wide operating temperature range in a contactless way.

With this new design it’s possible to obtain in a short time a wide range of customizations for sensors and outputs, and mechanical assembling. This new system is also very reliable against incorrect mechanical installations and unstable and variable power.

The hollowed mechanical parts, rotating and stationary, permits to connect this model of transmitter with different orientations even when the space available is very tight.




  • Self calibration: it doesn’t need a calibration on the field even for the spare parts.
  • Several self tests are performed to assure the measure accuracy.
  • Rotating and stationary parts can be swapped or replaced individually.
  • Fast troubleshooting through a simple coding for each output, without disassembling the parts:

          Fault detection

          Sensor short circuit

          Sensor open/ broken

          No communication between parts

          Measure not reliable


  • MODBUS with RS485, isolated (Optional).
  • PT100 output (Optional) for direct replacement of the mechanical slip ring.
  • Output completely isolated from power supply for better noise immunity.
  • DIGITAL ROTATING TRANSMITTER, that transmits contactless general I/O; Inputs or Outputs as general I/O with “ready” contact.
  • All built-in, it doesn’t need external signal condition board.


  • Standard range 0-300 °C. (Configurable to order between -200°C to 1500°C).
  • Power: 17-27Vac or 22-35Vdc; current 0,2A.
  • Output: Voltage: 10 mV/°C ; Current 4-20mA ; RS485 MODBUS ; Pt100 simulation.
  • Accuracy: Standard ±0.15 °C , option up to ±0.05 °C (For Pt100@25°C).
  • Resolution: 0.025 °C.
  • Material: PA66+FG30% ( Optional aluminium protection frame).
  • Max. speed: 10.000rpm.
  • Room temperature: 100°C max for rotating part. 100°C or 80°C for the stationary part.
  • Installation distance, based on models, from 1mm to 10mm.
  • Inputs: Pt100, Pt200, Pt1000, 2 or 3 wire, thermocouples j or k (others on request).


With the software, RTT publisher, it’s possible to have a complete supervision of several transmitters connected through modbus


  • Graph the temperature value and log it on a file.
  • Read/modify paramenter, e.i. temperature range.
  • Read and log allarm code, to identify unstable problems.


Replacements and Customization

E.D. Elettronica Dedicata is able to tailor the transmitter according to the customer request from mechanical to electronics.





There is a long list of models at disposal to retrofit machine on the field, that are 100% compatible with the first installation model. 

Examples: TRP960, TS100N, TS300, TRP-2K, Dienes©, Rieter©, Thutzschler©, Fuji©, Toray Engineering©, Thermosystems©, etc.

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