Piezo products by HOERBIGER

For over 40 years HOERBIGER Motion Control GmbH has been developing and manufacturing Piezoceramics and other high-volume Piezo products for a wide range of applications in a variety of markets, from aerospace to automotive and medical. 

E.D. Elettronica Dedicata is glad to distribute HOERBIGER Motion Control GmbH’s piezo products for the circular knitting machine textile industry (socks, tights, seamless and large diameters).

Why choosing HOERBIGER’s piezo products

With over 100 million products delivered worldwide, HOERBIGER Motion Control GmbH is a brand well known for its reliability and durability. HOERBIGER Motion Control GmbH‘s experience and ability to produce high volumes of piezoceramic, mechanical and electronic actuators allows us to offer the highest quality products with competitive prices.

Technical specifications

The actuators can be supplied with 2 operating modes, with integrated electronics using a standard BUS compatible with the WAC© bus system or without electronics for machines with few actuators installed.


To match the different machine models there is a high variability of configurations:

  • One row or double row
  • 6 to 8 or 16 flapls
  • Flaps with many different angle already available
  • Standard flaps or CNC made for special shapes and different hardness
  • Different connectors; D-sub, Flat or with cable pre-installed
  • Different flaps assembling way to match different installations (top, bottom, right, left)

Standard, for all the actuators produced by HOERBIGER Motion Control GmbH:

  • The components are completely replaceable in a short time and without adjustment
  • The piezo are made from powder mix directly controlled by HOERBIGER Motion Control GmbH for the best performance and quality
  • Ceramics and electronics are protected by a special protective coating against aggressive oils
  • 3-wires technology
  • Fast and repeatable flight time of 2,5ms and movement in less than 4,4ms
  • Metal housing milled from solid aluminum


Piezos are highly resistant to aggressive oils and high levels of air humidity
The piezoelectric bending actuator doesn’t produce heat and therefore doesn’t need any cooling
Energy consumption is lower than electromagnets, resulting in lower operating costs
The high positioning speed ensures higher productivity, high reliability and reduced downtime

Retrofit and spare parts assistance

E.D. Elettronica Dedicata supports all customers in the search for the best product with technical suggestions and cost analysis, from the replacement of obsolete actuators to the proposal to replace a competing Matrix© or WAC© or Chinese actuator with HOERBIGER Motion Control GmbH compatible actuators. In the absence of compatible products we provide customized actuators according to customer needs. We also support the customer in solving any problems and guarantee a repair and reconditioning service.

As official distributors and thanks to the stock provided, we are able to procure every single part on HOERBIGER Motion Control GmbH actuators in a very short time:

  • Electronics board and cables
  • Ceramic piezo benders
  • Flaps
  • Front plates
  • Pins and screws
  • Isolators and conductive rubbers
  • Aluminum parts

Complete retrofit of machines

Thanks to the partnership with some historical brand of this area, we can offer complete retrofit of circular machines. Whether transformation from jacquard systems to electronic, or replacment of controller installed at machine side. Service can includes also the replacement or production of mechanical supports of actuators and the replacement of sub-needle.

The machines update offers also considerable advantages:

  • Smaller price at the purchase of a new machine,  repayment of the investment in less time
  • Better flexibility in the use regard to outdated systems
  • Better reliability guarantee lesser machine stop
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